Taco THREEsday

by Francois Dillinger

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This is, perhaps, our least consequential release yet.


released February 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Francois Dillinger Plainsboro Township, New Jersey

Two talentless friends making unbelievably inconsequential music since January 2012. WHAT UP! GET SOME!

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Track Name: Bisphenol A
Bisphenoal A is a toxin that leeches from
Your plastic water bottles into the liquid contained
It screws with your hormones, but we don’t really know
The full nature of its effects because the study of
The health detriment of plastic receptacles
Is relatively young yet, there’s so much to learn
But in the meantime why not give your common sense a turn and
Stop using plastic bottles
Find a different way to contain your spills
Stop using plastic bottles
They put the “fill” in landfill
Track Name: Occupy Ron Paul
I’m gonna go to his house
I’m gonna sit on his couch
I’m gonna eat his food
I’m gonna do other things that he’ll think are rude
Track Name: An Evening With Don Draper
Lyrics taken from some suave gentleman's Craigslist personal ad.
Track Name: Ballad of Stoop Kid
I'm not afraid to leave my stoop
I'm just lost and and cant even tell
which way the traffics coming left or right and I cant get hit by the bus again. The God damn bx 12 I'm not afraid I am a little bit afraid Just slightly terrified.

Just slightly terrified of human frogger
fuck all the kids who sit and laugh at my expense
I'm not a side show just undecided about my location, oh procrastination how you fuck me over once more. Anxiety your a stoop.