Taco FOURsday [Brought to you by Mozart]

by Francois Dillinger

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released March 22, 2012



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Francois Dillinger Plainsboro Township, New Jersey

Two talentless friends making unbelievably inconsequential music since January 2012. WHAT UP! GET SOME!

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Track Name: Vote For Us To Play Warped!/Seinfeld's Revenge
This is the thing in my life I am most ashamed of.
Track Name: Dock Worker's Lament
I wanna get an education without having to pay two hundred thousand dollars from the account
That my poor mother and father set aside when they were young
So that they could retire before they were done
But that’s not realistic anymore
Drunk ass 20 somethings passed out on the floor
Counting their allowance money
In expensive cover fees
At bars that only play shitty music like the stuff that makes your cochlea bleed
Foreign films aren’t preeminently better than domestic ones
It’s just a difference of industry that makes for very little fun on this end of things
Track Name: Look Mom, I'm on T.V.
Take your tv
put it in the street
then run it over
with your giant suv

Then take your car and
drive it off a cliff (Cliff Diving
for the new school of
people who should not exist

Don't trust the people
who make the world around you turn
just watch the fires
as the whole city burns

Don't lend your cell phone
to any person in need
he might be a threat
to national security

But what if they're just people
And your just an asshole
Hey don't trust me
Just watch tv
Track Name: Farm Laborer's Regret
Well one time I was walking into town to get a bottle of coke
That I was going to empty onto the steps of city hall as a protest against the
Forced collectivization of farm labor in the Soviet Union in the 1930s because that shit
Was so far out in the worst possible way
Anyway, then the sun exploded and everybody died