Taco FIVESday [untimely, be still pertinent, sort of]

by Francois Dillinger

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It's been said before, but now THIS is absolutely our least consequential release yet. Yet.


released April 10, 2012

Everything by F. Dillinger
gang vox on "Hey! Rick Santorum!" provided by an unnamed roommate.



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Francois Dillinger Plainsboro Township, New Jersey

Two talentless friends making unbelievably inconsequential music since January 2012. WHAT UP! GET SOME!

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Track Name: Hey! Rick Santorum!
The search for spiritual fulfillment
Needn’t be tainted by all your horseshit
A civil discussion on the finer points
Of the underlying ethic that you openly purport
Is simply not contingent upon
The divinity of Jesus or the existence of your God
Or any other deity
That can be pulled from the waste bin of intellectual history
Hey! Rick Santorum! I don’t believe in God but this is still my country too!
Hey! Rick Santorum! Stay out of my sex life, there’s no room for you!
Traditional family values (bullshit!)
A relic of history
Have a little fucking imagination
And let gender and sexual minorities be
Your dated rhetoric belongs to the 14th century
So beat Mitt Romney and get the nomination so that Barack Obama can easily keep his station!
Track Name: Barack Obama's Quantum Penis
I saw the sign I saw the sign
out of the corner of my eye
a flash of light and it was there
a shaft two balls and pubic hair

Why should obama pass a bill?
he aseems to have his clinton fill
his package moved through time and space
and on that fateful day...
his quantum penis leapt up and hit me in the face

Thrust in and out like the delorian
Holy shit call a historian
20 years after the fact
I will tell you about what happened
I will tell you some outrageous shit
that I will never be able to take back

Like how it went flying across the sky.
Barack Obama's Quantum Penis Oh My!
Track Name: Mitt Romney LOOKS "Presidential" [that matters, right?]
I don’t have to watch the tv more than once every other month to get the gist of your campaign
You’ve economic credentials or something, and for all our problems Obama’s to blame
But just between Mr. Romney and I
I’d say it’s pretty obvious why he’s got any shot at the Whitehouse
He’s looks presidential
He’s got his salt n’ pepper hair slicked back real sharp
His suits are fancy, his face is weathered with experience as an executive
He’s pretty tall and speaks with conviction, really slowly like he means it all
It’s packaged quite carefully, into a man who may as well be anybody
(Gotta love that we still value archaic stereotypical masculine attributes in our leaders. That’s progress.)